or my left knee. Ouch!! and ouble ouch. This lovely event took place on my BART trip home last night from the BC. I had gotten up to let a fellow traveler exit and just as I turned to sit back down, the train lurched and my knee went ‘pop’ loud enough that the woman across the aisle looked over – maybe she thought it was a firecracker. Nope. Just yours truly’s knee.

As some of you know, I have suffered a bad left knee since my high school years and an accident that involved a gymnastics ‘horse.’ It has been some years, however, since I have experienced this bad of a re-injury and I can tell you that it is NO fun, absolutely no fun.

I was barely able to make it up the stairs at my BART stop. Yes, I took the stairs as I usually do and not the escalator. Why? Because I was still in denial, albeit a painful one, that my knee was really as messed up as it was/is.

Today I can walk, gingerly, on a flat surface (sans stairs) but any little body movement can have it wanting to pop out again as the ligament muscles are so stretched and injured from yesterday’s explosive pop-out. I am going to get a knee brace today, I hope. But since the stairs are a no go right now, I will have to rely on what the SO brings back from the drug store.

I am trying to picture navigating around the BC tomorrow to work and back and even the work part feels a bit dicey right now. But that’s some hours from now, right? Who knows, maybe I will be visited upon by a healer between now and then…

For now, I get to practice being a humble human being as I acknowledge my body’s injury and do my best not to curse too much and piss off the Universal Goddesses.