A huge police take-down arrest event just took place outside the Attic. There must have been 20+ cops (the smell of bacon still lingers as some are still here) taking down a lone black woman. Where is a camera phone when you need one? One of the male officers kept punching the woman repeatedly while 4-5 others, both male and female, screamed at the arrestee who was already face down on the sidewalk and restrained by 5 of them. WTF?

And why do they put a cloth bag over the person’s head? I felt afraid for the woman being arrested as she was begging them – ‘please don’t hurt me,’ ‘please don’t kill me.’

I don’t know what had transpired up to that point but it did seem to me that there was excessive police force taking place. I mean where was she going with five grown people, all armed with guns and nightsticks, on top of her? She was on the ground, face down…

I realize there is always a page 2 to any story and I also really get that I do not view the police as trustworthy government agents. It was clear that none of them had ever received, or at the very least learned, any methods to diffuse a situation short of using brute force.

As for me, I feel shook up inside and without agency as I did not know what to do in the moment. There’s something about pack mentality and adrenaline that is a scary thing to witness, and even more so when there are badges, guns and government backing involved. The officers seemed out of their minds and just jacked up on adrenaline.

I can still hear that woman’s voice begging them not to kill her and asking what they were going to do to her…

Have I mentioned that I love big city living?