on your playlist?

After spending a little over 30 bucks this past weekend on Itune downloads, I am already ready, after three RT BART rides to the BC, for some new tunes. So, I’m curious as to what you’re rocking/mellowing out to.

I’m also finding that plugging into Lily Pod while conducting disser research, helps the vibe. I remain in love with Lily that’s for sure.

However, my Bose SoundDock has some kind of technical problem and may have to be replaced. I did purchase the $39.99 extended warranty from Best Buy and now I am starting to wonder if all electronic products coming from that store have problems or maybe I am just jinxed in that department. I’ve been putting off trying to figure out what’s wrong with the SoundDock as I just haven’t had the wherewithall to begin that particular ordeal. As a result, Lily and I are becoming almost inseparable.

“Oh Lily, she’s so fine.

She’s so fine, she blows my mind…

Oh, Lily.”

(Repeat chorus several times or until someone next to you says ‘shut up.’)