The hunter being the SO and the forest in which he hunts being the Bowl (aka Berkeley Bowl grosh). He ‘bagged’ some spicy tofu, fried rice, and coconut curried chicken for us for lunch. Fresh kill so to speak.

We’ve modified our diet to include small meals 2-3 times a day in our continued search for a healthy sustainable eating plan. I am doing my best in cutting out late night snacking which historically was not in my foraging routine but somehow the past few months has been a nightly activity, causing some unwanted weight gain in yours truly.

My goal is certainly not to look like the anorexic starved skeletal models/actresses who we’re told, constantly and repeatedly, thru the media to emulate. No, my goal is to return to the weight/size that I feel comfortable and healthy at at the age of 50 (almost). Of course, it seems like I am always wishing for a more toned physique but am not making much headway in that direction. But one thing at a time, right?

Oh, I almost forgot to share that the great white hunter, once again the SO, took the time to stop and pick some tulips, and even wrapped them in cellophane for his sweetie (aka moi). They are lovely – a bright yellow one and four red with yellow edges – and are gracing my desk keeping me company this sunny afternoon.