that is.

This seems to be the majority (pun implied) non-response to my search for a disser chair. I am still holding out hope that my SO is wrong and that my school is not going to, once again, screw me over.

Instead of feeling discouraged, I feel even more determined to research and write on this topic. This commitment, however, does not preclude my dissapointment and dismay over the state of this society of which I am a member. Societies are comprised of many individuals and that concept is what keeps surprising and oft times shocking me – how we can as individuals continue to deny the folks, right beside us, a life of dignity, respect, and inclusion based on race

This will most likely be one of many of these type of entries for me as I continue to navigate the academic BS of ‘don’t ask (any real life questions)’ and ‘don’t tell’ any real life truths. I don’t think I’m making an ideal academic soldier… But I’d rather be judged a crappy non-conformist rabblerouser than a complacent coward.

But damn do I ever want to finish this disser! However, I think I’ve kissed all the butt I’m willing to kiss for the rest of my life. I honestly don’t think I am capable of going along just to get along anymore.