or two, as the case may be.

It was recently suggested by one of my blog buddies that it has been time, for a while now, to change my blast message. So being the obedient (see, I’m not always a militant naysayer) blogger that I am, I set about doing what my eldest grandson used to say while tapping himself on his chin with his index finger, ‘think, think.’

But as you can see, the original blast, lives on. I realized that those 10 little words basically serve as my life’s creed. It seems that I’m either being the recipient of the drops of water, wearing me down and/or softening my sharp edges or I am the drops of water, wearing down the parts of my world that I want to be different. As for the water running off a duck’s butt – the same could be said except that I wish I could let more stuff roll off of my own (butt, that is) sometimes.

Plus, not much more in life guarantees a big smile on my face than seeing little upended duck butts on a pond or a lake. And I can always use a smile or two in my day.

So for now, at least, the rock and the butt are keepers while I keep on the lookout for another meaningful-to-me saying. Although I do want to say to my blog buddy, thanks for reading!

Judging by these two daily entries, I guess today’s topic could be “butts,” of the duck and kiss-a*s variety. Go figure.