wondering what on earth might be going on with my dissertation (disser) work, please allow me to catch you up to speed, or crawl, as the case may be.

But first, allow me to comment on the uncanniness of the Flickr photo. This is not my desk but I find it very interesting, in a disser sort of way, that this person also has a wooden backscratcher (can you find it?)and a beanie bear (I have Luke the Lab and Lotto Bear) on their desk. Okay, so it isn’t so much uncanny as it is somewhat (a little or barely at all) interesting. Okay, so perhaps it’s simply a momentary distraction. A procrastinator’s ploy?

I just sent my disser chair an email informing her of my third (but who’s counting) change in topic. Oh and did I mention that I am now changing the methodology as well? From narrative interviewing to a theoretical study. My email inquired as to her interest and willingness to continue on as my chair as she certainly isn’t required to at this point. She is a traditional researcher and loves quantitative studies. So I will wait to hear from her.

As I wrote her in the email, I do not view my changing of topics as being wishy-washy. Instead, I believe the changes are reflective of my growth in this field and in my development as a clinician. Really. No BS.