invitations to interview, that is. You may remember that I spent the better part of last weekend preparing and then mailing my pre-doctoral internship application packets for next year’s internship. Eight of them to be exact. And that I blessed them (sort of) when I sent them on their way.

Well they did, indeed, go forth and prosper. This past week I received invitations to interview via phone calls and email messages from four of the sites. These invitations came prior to tomorrow’s application deadline. These invitations confirmed two things for me – 1) that presentation of one’s application packet is very very important; and, 2) that my curriculum vitae (CV) is growing in its ability to both convey my already substantial training and clinical experience and said experience looks pretty darn impressive. I say this without undue patting myself on the back and rather as a statement of fact.

I had some moments of second guessing my decision to stay on at my current site – was there something better? should I have gone through the interview process? However, I concluded that I have made a commitment to my current site and have decided to keep that commitment. Therefore, I contacted the sites and kindly withdrew my application.

Throughout this process, I am reminded of the value of doing the footwork in our lives and then letting go of the outcome. Sounds so simple. I, too often, deny this simplicity and instead opt for crazy making convoluted fantasies of being in control of outcomes, the aftermath if you will, which follows my footwork. All of that is to say, wasted energy – lack of faith – a desire for omnipotence.

I guess I am human, after all. So I have returned to the wahoo (or is it woohoo?) delight of not having to go through the interview process and being grateful for the invitation and approval to continue on at my current training site.