You may recall my previous entry about my great Bose customer service experience? Well, today must be my day for mix ups and just plain weird S–T!

Door buzzer

Me trundling down the stairs, sign for package from Bose from friendly but gnarly fingernailed (honestly, he had the grossest fingernails I’ve ever seen) UPS guy. Happily trundle back up to the Attic. Excitedly tear open package, remove a single sheet of instructions re installation of new Bose adapter dock for SoundDock. Reach back into package for adapter.




Shake shake squeeze manhandle package thinking maybe it’s just really small and is actually inside the bubble wrapped sides of envelope.


Have SO repeat the shaking and manhandling – which by the by, the SO did very thoroughly.

Double Nada.

Call Bose. Speak to CSR Joanne. Friendly service, once again.

It’s in the mail, again, or at the very least a package is in the mail later today headed my way.

I ask once again, Why? What? and Why?