I’m doing my happy dance! Late yesterday afternoon, around 4 PM to be exact (sort of), my training director gave me the great news that our proposal to have me continue at my current pre-doc site for 2007-2008 had been approved by my school. Yay-yay! The guy from my Field Placement Office (“FPO”) left me a voicemail at 4:10 PM (precisely) confirming their approval.

My relief was/is great and my shoulders immediately felt lighter – such a weight off of them. This approval means a lot at this stage in the ‘earning-this-degree-and-moving-toward-licensure’ game. I will not have to be keeping my attention and energy out there hoping that I receive invitations to interview at some/or all of the eight sites to whom I just mailed (this weekend) my application packets. There will be no anxiety and wasted energies driving all around Northern California for interviews and the stress of the interviews themselves will not be mine this year. And Monday, 4/2, can just be another day instead of the gut wrenching sitting by the phone between 8 AM (sharp) and noon, waiting for calls from sites to see which one(s) extend an invitation to join their team.

Plus, now I know for sure where I’ll be – well as much as we mere mortals can know anything “for sure” that’s in the future – this coming year and can plan accordingly. I’ll get to go home to Alaska for the summer and that means the world, and at least a sliver of the Universe, to yours truly.

And now my energies are really truly free to turn my full attention to my dissertation work. Last night I felt a big surge of hope that completing this degree is really within my capabilities and grasp.

I gave thanks to the Universe and my HP last night for this great turn of events. And this morning I continue to break into my Happy Dance every now and then…