just like this handsome guy in this Flickr pic. I’m very happy to report that Lily Pod is home with me now. She didn’t come in my fave color black but instead is very silvery and sleek in appearance. My sister has a silver nano too so when Lily goes home with me to Alaska this summer, we’ll have to be sure and not get them mixed up when we’re GS’ing (if you don’t know what that is, you’re not as cool as I thought). I don’t think I’d want a steady diet of Toby Keith and I don’t think Kim would like my headbanger noise…

Did I mention that I love Lily Pod? ‘Cuz I do! I do! She’s playing a song thru my Bose earbuds even as I write this entry. She’s way cool.

I succumbed and purchased another 2-year warranty for another $29.99. The sales clerk said that she uses hers to switch out her Ipod’s color. I figure since I did use this one, even with the hassle and long wait, it was better than having to shell out the full price again but I guess if I think about it, I’ve now spent $60 on extended warranties and Lily was priced at $199. For those math minded folks out there, is that a good deal or did I just throw good money after bad?

Since I already had an Itunes deal on Toshi, one of my other fave electronic friends, the installation and downloading of my playlists onto Lily was painless and way fast. Yay! I didn’t even have to call on my daughter for help .

I also got to have a really great customer service experience with a Bose CSR. I called to order a black docking cradle for my Sounddock (yet another of my fave electronic friends) to accommodate Lily, since she’s the Second Generation Nano, and the cradle that she came with doesn’t really fit snugly enough (although it does work) and is white. Well within 2 minutes, the Bose CSR, had taken all of my info and then told me the very best part which was that they would send a universal docking cradle out via UPS to arrive no later than 3/9, and that the cost was – are you ready for this? – FREE. And then she said “thank you for calling us today and for giving us the opportunity to serve you.” Nice

And now I have some bbq pork ribs cooking away in the slow cooker and I have already put together the homemade ‘tater salad and it’s mellowing out in the fridge. The SO is taking a nap and I am rocking out to one of Fleetwood Mac’s earlier albums (thanks to Lily).

Oh yes, I also purchased more hope for us in the form of SuperLotto (“SL”) and MegaMillion (“MM) tickets. The ML is up to $214 M and the SL is $43 M. Now that would make my week to be the holder of the winning ticket(s) for one or both (why not?) pots!! I promise I will share when that glorious event happens.