will soon be coming home with yours truly later today (hopefully). The Best Buy gift card arrived on Thursday night and I am planning on trundling over to the nearest Best Buy and picking out a new Ipod nano. I am thinking of a regular sized Ipod – at least looking at one to see what the differences are. I don’t really care if it is tiny like the nano and in some ways it might be nice to have a larger screen. But that all aside, I do believe that the new electronic member of the famdamily will be christened Lily Pod, thanks to a friend’s (and you know who you are) creative suggestion.

It’s a relief to have the pre-doc internship applications off of my to do list. The last two go out in the mail today. I ended up sending out eight instead of the original chosen ten as I eliminated two of them based on additional information and thinking that I wouldn’t be a great match for their site.

So now with this freed up energy I am going full steam ahead with my dissertation research. I have been working steadily on it but didn’t have as much time or energy to expend. However, now I am up for the task – once again.

I am also researching for and preparing a two-hour training seminar that I will be present in May. The topic I’ve chosen is viewing racism as a trauma inflicted on the receiver and treating it as such in the therapy room. The DSM-IV, the diagnostic Bible for the mental health field, currently does not include racism in the trauma section. Many naysayers of this idea believe that the import of trauma for experiences such as rape or domestic violence, would be diluted with the addition of racism. I obviously disagree and will be including the reasoning behind my belief in my seminar. This will be my first professional seminar presentation and I am excited to do a really outstanding job with a powerpoint deal and lots of good handouts. I’m beginning work on it early enough so that I can do it justice.

Later this morning, I am going grosh shopping and bringing home some pork ribs to cook up some bbq for this evening’s meal. I think I will go whole hog (pun intended) and make up some homemade ‘tater salad. But I have to exercise self control and commonsense and make up just a little and not a whole tub of it like I usually do because if it’s here, I’ll for sure eat it – ALL. I wish all of my loved ones could belly up around our table tonight in the old Attic and sit a spell with us.