and find your way through the postal service into the hands of the recipient. Those are the words and wishes I told each of the six application packets I put out for mail pick up today. I sort of sealed them with a big kiss. Well not really. But a big “Good luck and God speed!” That’s kind of a kiss, right? I know. Not really.

I was really hoping that my school would let me know their decision about my bid to stay on at my current pre-doc site this coming year prior to my having to prepare and send out these application packets. But once again, I seem to be living in the land of fantasy and wishes when it comes to this school. I have really tried hard to put aside my resentments and bitterness toward this institution while I worked on the letters, essays, etc. today as I didn’t want to taint them with negative energy. I am a firm full believer in energy being very real. I have some more to put together that will be mailed tomorrow and then I will be finished with this part of the process. March 5th is the deadline for applications to be received and that week will begin calls for interviews. There are only three weeks for the interview process with match day being April 2nd this year.

All of this will mean next to nothing in just a few short years, but for now in my life at least, these dates and deadlines and hoped for matches are a big deal on my way to earning this degree and future licensure.