and make sure they’re big ones. Okay, I finally convinced myself that I need to supplement my diet with calcium in an attempt to ward off osteoporosis. I am told that short Asian women are the most endangered among older women of coming down with this horrid sounding bone loss. And did I mention that I turn 50 this summer? Not old. And even when I am old, I am learning to embrace the age… But back to my recent decision to ingest more daily calcium.

My SO being the loving partner that he is, brought home a bottle of calcium pills for me. They are manufactured by the Naturalist company and the pills were made from Natural Oyster Shell with the recommended dosage of three tablets per day, taken with food. Okay. This company uses the word tablet very loosely because when I opened the bottle I discovered nickel-sized oyster shells in the rough, urrr I mean, tablets. My commitment being still new, I managed to choke them down two days in a row before I decided to keep looking for a different brand of torture, urr I mean, health.

Today with further help from the SO, I chose “Nature’s Bounty Absorbable Calcium” softgels thinking they would be easier to swallow PLUS the daily dosage called for two pills per day versus the three full-sized oyster shell/tablets. Okay, I open this bottle and I kid you not that the softgel pills looked like oblong white footballs! Even the SO said ‘what the hell?’ or something to that effect. We’re talking bigger, if smashed down into circles, than the aforementioned nickel-sized Naturalist brand.

But I figured I had paid $13 for the bottle and that I should at least take one and see how it went. Okay, that was several hours ago and the softgel of hell is still lodged, sideways in my throat!! Ouch. and ouch again. Plus, it upset my stomach and I still feel queasy.

So I might not shrink anymore (not that I’m admitting that I may have already shrunk) or break a bone by just opening a jar, but in exchange I will have a big fat lump in my throat for here on out as I attempt to choke down two of these humungo flying footballs of pure evil per day.

Oh by the way, there is a gorgeous sunset happening even as I type this entry. The sun looks like a huge firey orange dipping behind the hills across the bay. Oh how I love the westfacing window and skylight here at the Attic!

Okay, that lovely view took my mind off of my physical discomfort for a minute or two…