let there be sight and I said ‘okay, let me go buy some’ – finally.

As some of you know, I have been threatening to go order some new eyeglasses for several years now. In fact, last year I even went as far as getting an eye exam. But today I really went the whole mile – an eye exam by Harlan Wong, D.O., and an order for new specs using my existing frame. It was a bit pricy and would have been even pricier if I hadn’t said “ouch, that’s really expensive” when Florina gave me the total. She then offered a different way to go on the progressive (aka bifocal) part, which knocked $61 bucks off. And according to her, there wasn’t any difference between the two bifocal options. Now, my question is why didn’t she offer both options without my having to ask? Ah well, these burning questions are what make the world go round, right? All I know is that I am very relieved to have finally ordered new specs and am hoping that within 7-10 days, that I will be a newly sighted woman.

Yesterday and today have been so lovely and unseasonably warm for this neck of the woods. The SO and I have taken advantage of the sunny warmth and gotten out for several long walks. Usually September and October are the warmest months and today’s temp feels like a September day; the kind where you can sit in the shade and still feel comfortably warm. Ahhhh. I wish I could package it’s rays and send it North to the Frigid Northland.

The foodie high spot of the day was the little taste treat that we allowed ourselves. A little scoop of Azuki (red bean) gelato and a little scoop of coconut sorbet. Delish! Sweet, light, and rich – combined pinks and white. So pretty and just the right amount to share between two strollers on a warm day.