or at the very least send me my money voucher for a new IPOD! Did I mention that my Ipod gave up the ghost a while back? In fact it decided to pass onto the land where electronic gadgets/products go after they cease to do what they were designed to, on the day of my WORST (to date, at least) BART experience…

Anywho, as I had paid my $29.99 for the extended warranty through Best Buy, the Costco of electronic doohickers, I researched (and mind you, it did take a bit of researching) how to actually make use of this insurance. I found that it is not true what the sales clerk tells you – “just bring it (the malfunctioning unit, that is) into any Best Buy outlet and we will gladly exchange it (still referring to the malfunctioning unit) for another one (hopefully a fully functioning and not malfunctioning unit.”

Instead, what the customer (me) is advised to do is: 1) sign onto the Best Buy website, 2) download a mailing label; 3) package and mail the unit (you guessed it, still malfunctioning) to their warehouse in Texas); and, then although it is unstated, 4) await one’s voucher, or as Best Buy euphemistically calls it, gift voucher (isn’t a gift something someone gives you and not what one has paid $199 and then an additional $29.99 for extended warranty for?).

A further anywho, after waiting for a week and not hearing or receiving any notice of Best Buy’s receipt of my beloved Ipod (which I just realized I never named), I called their 1-888 number. I was told that it typically takes 10 days for the warehouse to acknowledge receipt of aforementioned malfunctioning unit so not to worry. But that if I had not received an acknowledgement email by Monday, 2/12, to call back and place another inquiry.

That was yesterday. Still no acknowledgement. I called and was told that my black treasured un-named Ipod had not been received . But I was assured that they (a Best Buy customer service rep [aka CSR]) would initiate and process (probably requiring more than one Best Buy CSR) my gift voucher. And then Shirley, the CSR, said “Unfortunately, this process can take up to 15 (fifteen) working days.” A double !!

I miss my Ipod!! While I am waiting for my GIFT voucher I am hoping to come up with an appropriate name for the new little guy. Any suggestions?

P.S. Do you know how many round trip BART rides that is sans my I-tunes? Answer: Too many.