has been mine today. While out on our walk that included haircuts, errands, and lunch at a new-to-us Japanese restaurant, I found the most lovely carnelian necklace and a pair of earrings that almost seemed like they were made to match but better because they don’t (if you know what I mean). The necklace design is so stunning (not like the one in the Flickr photograph although it’s pretty) with a large round hammered silver disc in the middle. I’m wearing it right now! It was the same shop where I found one of my daughter’s holiday gifts, a necklace and earring set, and where my SO purchased two pair of earrings for me for Christmas. The shopkeeper remembered us and gave us a 30% discount on our treasures today. I love the little shop as I believe the gems they sell are genuine with authentic workmanship, including silversmithing. The proprietor is friendly and knowledgeable about the gemstones and the locations of the craftspeople. All in all, a place that I enjoy stopping by and people whom I am happy to do business with. And the SO helped purchase the Beautiful items as a gift to yours truly for what we lovingly refer to as Stupid VD which is celebrated tomorrow. I can’t stop looking at and touching this lovely new piece of jewelry – the stones are so smooth and warm and the silver reminds me of the fun times I’ve spent in Mexico.

And then when we arrived home to the Attic my master’s diploma had finally arrived with my name spelled correctly this time! The calligraphy is a bit smudged but readable and most of all I am just glad to have my diploma as I certainly worked hard enough to earn it.

Our lunch’s high spot was the miso soup – warm, salty, and delish. The gyoza were a bit disappointing, but filling.

The SO’s and my haircuts turned out good and we redeemed a set of 10 haircut stamps so one of our shorn heads was free (the shearing, not the head itself). The hairdresser said she couldn’t believe how fast my hair grows as she busily shaved off 2 inches. I feel lighter! The SO is back to his handsome looking self.

Although it clouded over and threatened to rain while we were out, the sun won the battle. There are blooming daffodils in many yards of all varying shades. Even though I’ve lived here now going on 4 years, I remain in awe of daffodils blooming, outside and not in greenhouses, in February.