and a home is not a home without a lot of yelling and fighting going on. Right?

Even in the midst of the SO’s and yours truly’s meltdown last night, I couldn’t help but wish (for the millionth time – yes, we argue a lot) for some privacy from the old neighbors. For once, when I am in the middle of feeling and behaving irrationally, I would love to not have at the periphery of my awareness that my neighbors are most likely getting an earful.

What I long for more than most people can know, is a home of my own. It doesn’t even have to be way fancy or even a little fancy. There are two main requirements though. Number One, that this non-fancy house be situated in the middle of at least 40 acres of land (part of that land mass could be a lake). And, Number Two, that no part of the structure be attached in anyway, shape or form, to anyone else’s dwelling, housing unit, or abode.

Is that too stinking much to ask? Me thinks so as I have been on this planet for 50 years come this summer and am still renting my living space.

I’ll leave you with this Flickr photograph of a non-fancy home that I think I could take a liking to.