interior arrangement. The Attic is being reorganized, things are being shifted around and are topsy-turvy as we move the SO’s “office” from the kitchen area to the bedroom.

Why? One might ask. For many reasons, is the reply. The SO gets too hot (temp wise ) right by the furnace, he’s right outside the bathroom door, and when he’s on the phone with a client, I have to be too quiet if I am cooking. And after 3-1/2 years, we figured he was due for a change of scenery. Plus, his big telephone voice will be a little further away from yours truly when I’m working, right on the other side of the wall.

This way, he has two windows with nice views and lots of space and our kitchen table will be freed up to be, well, a table. We’re going to buy some nice wooden chairs (finally) to go around the kitchen table and we are creating a nice sitting area with the existing lounge chairs that we do have (the big overstuffed one and the yellow velvet one). And now the SO can be at the table putting together his puzzles that he loves to assemble and we both can watch the teli and hang out together.

Mostly, it’s a change. We’ve lived here for 4 years come this August. That’s almost as long as I’ve lived anywhere in my adult life (Amber and I lived downtown in the same apartment for 4 years when she was in high school) and I am feeling a bit antsy, thinking of moving. So maybe just changing things up a bit will meet the wanderlust in me.

Hey, what about those bears and ponies?