in February 2007 finds me at my desk hard at work. I am being surprisingly productive this morning (I hope this hand gesture means ‘way to go!’). I wish those little faces were big enough for an almost 50 year old to see them easily. Where’s a competent customer service employee when you want to submit a suggestion? As in, if that wasn’t chicken that I just horfed down, than what the freak was it?? or in how about making those little faces bigger so that all sighted people can see them??

My SO is on the big silver bird/airplane winging his way home via Seattle. He called and his flight left on time so barring any snaffu in Seattle, he should be arriving at the local airport later this afternoon.

I am strongly considering a high protein low processed carb eating plan as my eating seems to have taken on a life of its own and I want to begin the second half of my century here on this Earth plane in a healthy state of being.

Back to work…