let there be light and the SO made it so. That sounds much more interesting and dramatic than reporting that we replaced (finally) the burnt out light bulbs in both the kitchen overhead lights.

I knew I was looking forward to the SO’s return to the Attic for a reason . He arrived safely late this afternoon and it is great having him here. I think it somewhat odd though that I seem to know more about the goings on of certain famdamily members than he does, even though he was with said famdamily, in person, this past week. He thought Z had lost only one molar versus four and that B was loving her ballet class. Go figure. It, he, can be a head scratcher sometimes and I’m not referring to a dry scalp.

I wrote the rest of the proposal packet today, at least a draft, and put it all together and it looks impressive, even if I say so myself (and, I most certainly do). I will submit it on Monday to my superiors at work. We are all participating in a day long retreat that day so it most likely will be reviewed on Tuesday but it feels good, nonetheless, to have my part finished, for now.

I am in the process of updating my CV and crafting my cover letters to potential internship sites as my contingency plan lest the proposal be denied. So, all in all, much accomplished today.

As for the Flickr photograph – I seem to have umbrellas on my mind… for some odd, perhaps explainable, reason.