My day started out by my whacking (accidentally) another BART passenger with my backpack when I was trying to move past her rather large frame. The whackee then let her displeasure be known (quite loudly) by harrumphing. And then we had to sit side-by-side all the way into the Big City. Lovely.

My work day was filled with several new crisis clients and several ongoing clients in severe need.

The BART trip home wasn’t to be without its own little fun experience. I was excited to be able to catch a train about 8 minutes earlier than I normally do (come on, it’s the little things in life, right?) only to have a woman sit down beside me (never mind that there were oddly many empty seats) who literally reeked of garlic and the odor of warm urine. I kid you NOT. Not like old stale urine but fresh WARM urine AND garlic – not the fresh good smelling kind but the odor of garlic being sweated out through every STINKING pore in her body. HELP.

Oh and I’m not finished. Unbeknownst to me, there had been some kind of major problem with the BART system earlier in the day. So although the train came earlier than usual, we then had the pleasure of sitting in the tunnels, underground while we waited, repeatedly, for the train(s) in front of us to move on. Me and Miss Odoriferous, that is. I arrived at my station 5 minutes later than usual.

And then when I arrived at the Attic, I found a form letter from my hated school stating that although they had not sent the enclosed form beforehand, that unless it was received by them yesterday, I would not be able to apply to 2007-2008 internship sites OR be given credit for my current pre-doc site. I HATE them. I HATE them all!

So tomorrow in addition to all the other crap I have to do in my efforts to appease them with the freakin’ proposal that I’ve been blogging about for forEVER, I get to deal with yet another one of their incompetent BULLS–T!

Man Alive am I ready to earn this degree/licensure and get the heck out of Dodge (aka the Big City).