the ways of the Universal Wisdom. An example is – why do I always, like clockwork, remember my adoptive mother’s birthdate within a week of the actual date? Mama was born on this date many, many years ago. She died 2-1/2 years ago but her death does not erase her birth.

Mama has been at the periphery of my thoughts the past several days. For whatever it is worth, “Happy BirthDay Mama.” I hope that wherever you may be today, that you have found a greater peace and happiness than you did here on Earth.

On another note, I am opening my eyes to the fact that I turn 50 years old this summer. Not only that, but I am beginning to totally embrace this milestone in my life. I found a really great blog about ageing/elderhood. I do believe that I can feel the rewards of hanging in there with life – wisdom. I am moving toward the empowerment of Wise Womanhood.

As a result, I am re-thinking the perjorative jokes and innuendos that I have made and joined with about aging and its meaning. There’s a lot there to think about but I think it’s enough for today for me to put out there that I am getting ready to turn 50 and I do believe that my best years may very well indeed be ahead of me.

I understand that one of my blogging friends is getting ready to turn 40 and that there may be some negative feelings and/or ideas about this birth day. As your woman friend, out ahead of you by a decade, I want to sincerely say to you that the 40’s hold a lot of life, excitement, and knowledge of self that one could not have held before this age. I celebrate your life and the beginnings of a dynamite new decade!