When all else fails and I’m sick of stewing in my own juices, railing against the inequity of life, and doing my best to jam a square peg into a octaganal hole – I am left with returning to the root of all serenity. or at least any modicum of serenity there is in this, my, lifetime.

Having spent how many days and countless hours trying to write the requested proposal for my school and training site, I am coming to the end of the journey. After sending an electronic draft of the proposal to my site’s executive director this afternoon and receiving a lengthy response from her in return, I am turning “it” over for the day. The end result is not necessarily a categorical “this can’t be done,” but close, and I need to step back and assess my options and my motivations.

But most of all, I just need to accept what is for now.

So, I’m back in the kitchen and I am cooking that comforting sauerkraut dish that I blogged about a week or so ago. I say, “bring on the comfort!” and while you’re at it, dish me up a big honkin’ portion of smashed tate’s!