It wasn’t until last year or so that I heard that saying. I do believe that it’s the equivalent of my first grade teacher, Mrs. Spencer’s, “that’s the ticket.” This meant that her student had finally caught onto an important skill set.

Tonight I am (literally) cooking with gas on the Attic’s gas range. I am cooking my fave vegetarian chili. This dish is not my daughter’s fave meal as it’s main ingredient is eggplant and she does not like that beautiful purple vegetable.

Along with eggplant there are chopped green peppers, chopped yellow onion, diced garlic, chunks of fresh Italian tomatoes, canned Italian tomatoes, white and dark red kidney beans, fresh dill, olive oil, fennel seeds, healthy doses of chili powder, cumin, dried oregano and basil, coarse salt, and fresh ground black pepper. This will be served over jasmine brown rice along side some fresh baked homemade yellow cornbread.

The chili is simmering right now and smells so delicious! And, I’m wishing that all of my friends and loved ones could gather around our table and tuck into some good eating. I promise that I’d cook up something for that daughter of mine that she would enjoy along with her cornbread.