My head hurts so bad that it has split open and gone double on me. And I don’t think that I am exaggerating. Much.

I’m tap, tap, tapping on, not heaven’s door that’s for sure, but on my laptop (aka Toshi, w/long “o” sound) – working on a mini-proposal for my internship site in hopes of meeting the needed head-nod from my stinkin’ school to continue on at this site for 2007-08. And that run-on sentence pretty much sums up my level of confidence in knowing what the “F” I am being asked to write by both the school and the executive director of my internship site.

Meanwhile, my SO is off interviewing to be a reverse mortgage loan officer or as I often refer to such people – “the ripper-off’ers-of-the-elderly-and-oft-times-victims-of-society.” Though, he did look rather handsome in his sports jacket and black turtleneck as he was leaving…

But I guess some would say that I am working (very hard) to enter a profession of charlatans – messing with people’s heads and helping them open cans-of-worms that might best be left unopened.

Yep, that’d be me, Miss Charlatan, and my SO, Mister Preyer-on-the-Aged. Okay, that was worth a little personal amusement in an afternoon of confused thinking and writing.