of my life in this year that we are calling 2007. And the past few days have seen me feeling sort of like the woman in this photo kindly borrowed from my fave Flickr site.

I think the root of my growing frustration, anxiety, and general unsettledness (if this isn’t a recognized ‘real’ word, it should be), is that my brain is way, way overloaded. Stuffed full, cram packed, full and overflowing, maximum capacity, no room even for a slightly funny anecdote.

With what, one might ask?

Well, some of it is private but the stuff that I will share involves my school continuing to be A-holes with mindless, make-no-sense (commonly known as non-sense) policies that are standing in the way of my accepting an invitation to stay on at my present pre-doc internship for 2007-08; application process to apply to other internship sites; my dissertation – the nuts and bolts, the fine tuning of the problem/hypothesis, the sheer amount of work it is/and will be entailing; and, relationship (SO) challenges.

To those who are not in grad school, my continual whining, lashing out, blaming institutions, and ongoing discontent most likely sounds like a lot of mosquito buzzing noise. It’s okay. I sound like that to myself a lot of the time. I promise that when I finally earn this stinking degree and pass my licensure exams and complete my 1500 hours of post-doc internship that I will move onto other topics, events, happenings, people, and institutions to Bitch about. ‘k?

But since this is my stinkin’ blog, I think it is an appropriate outlet to vent my educational angst. And I also promise to throw in some fun stuff along the way as I like the support I receive from this little venue .

Oh by the by, the ants have vacated the Attic for now and the Raid fumes are (finally) dissipating in the living room enough that we can once again inhabit it without experiencing shortness of breath after 10 minutes.