was the prescription for our woes this afternoon. The SO suggested we take the Amtrak train to glamorous Sacramento. And since I only had a gazillion other things I could have done with my day, I jumped on the platform with him.

It was fun! The train was a double-decker and since it wasn’t crowded, we got to sit on the top level, coming and going.

Once there, we bought some saltwater taffy (the buttered popcorn flavor is very yummy) and then walked down to the waterfront. We had an early dinner and drinks at Joe’s Crab Shack. The drinks were dandy but if you go, enjoy the drinks but pass on dinner. But the not so great food did not dampen our time as we both agreed that we were due for some F-U-N.

We are now back at the Attic and I am sipping on a diet strawberry soda and drinking down the H2O as I am very thirsty. I ate ALL of the salt off the rim of my Salty Dawg drink – two of them to be exact. But I don’t regret ingesting the salt or imbibing the happy juice.

Both the SO and I agreed that the trip wouldn’t have been much fun alone and we enjoyed one another’s company.