BART train for yours truly this morning. There were several unscheduled stops, one that was a bit lengthy BUT we were not at a stand still UNDERNEATH the BAY. For that, I am grateful? Yes. Indeedy.

My life, at the present moment(s), is chock-full of unknowns and Big Life Questions. And as a result, I am feeling a twinge, or two, of anxiety.

I want to leave the reader with a happier image than I can personally dredge up at the moment. So, I turn to my Friend Flickr site. Do you see a new beginning on the horizon? or do you see an ending? or is there yet another interpretation of this photographic vision?

As for me, I do not hold the answer for anyone else than myself. And for the life of me, right now, I could not tell you my CoRRect Answer…

Good thing there is manana, right?