Well not exactly rolling, as Harv (aka Harvey, named after Harvey Keitel, aka my car) has a flat tire. Or at least that’s what the SO just called to announce. When I asked if he (the SO) was okay, he responded “[w]ell by the time I realized there was something wrong, urrr, well let’s just say, you’re going to need a new tire.”

It’s sort of how the day has gone. Not well. or smoothly. The events and the overall tone of the day has left me feeling very much like this canine fellow. Although the byline on the Flickr site whence the photo was found states that Mister Dog was photographed not at a studio, but a kennel. I hope that “kennel” is not a euphemism for a dog pound. If so, I’d say that he has more of a reason (valid, at least) to be looking so grumpy.

Prior to the discovery of the flat tire, the SO was on his way to the grosh to bring back the ingredients for homemade lasagna (made in the home by yours truly). I think it is safe to say that I doubt I will be cooking any comfort food this evening. I hope, however, that that does not mean there will be no comfort to be had in the old Attic tonight…