from my multiple nervous breakdowns yesterday. Some of the breakdowns were induced by the Ants in the Attic, others were triggered by my SO, and the balance were care of yours truly herself.

This morning I’m trying my best to put

the pieces of me, my sanity, my little world, back together again.

Logistically, the ants are now (dear god, please be true) dead and banned from the Attic. For general information, do not place 10 Grant Ant stakes about your living quarters as a way to get rid of ants. All this method does is attract, millions (no joke) of them to the bait traps and then you sit around (quickly going nuts) waiting for them to take the poison food back to their nest where the Queen will supposedly consume the drones’ gifts and DIE. This process can take from 2-7 days. Meanwhile your abode is turned into an above ground ant farm.

After discovering the error of our ways, I then decided to revert to what I have done on in the past with ants, vacuum and spray any potential areas of ingress. By spray, I mean totally saturate with RAID. You may need more than one can of the expensive poison. But what the hey, I’m told we can’t take it (money, not ants) with us when we exit this planet.

As a result of this tried and true method I do believe the ants are gone, for now at least. However, what we are left with is a totally uninhabitable living room due to the noxious RAID fumes. The rest of the Attic received some spraying as well but the living room was Ground Ant Zero.

The Berkeley area is experiencing record breaking cool temperatures so we felt particularly blessed to have every window in the Attic wide open last night in the hopes that the fresh air would help us stay alive till morning.

Well, the SO and I are both alive as our lungs survived (for now) the RAID fumes and we did not (yet) kill each other (recall the first paragraph of this blog).

Writing this blog is helping me re-discover my Humor Puzzle Piece.

Now, I just hope I can find where it fits. Wish me luck