Traditional taps will be playing soon for a colony, or two, of piss-ants.

That is if the ant poison stakes do their jobs. We placed ten of them around the old Attic tonight. We were going to wait until tomrrow to purchase the poison but after finding a few more of the little ant critters marching about, the SO said “It’s time!” and off he went to retrieve the Killing Agent.

The package says that it could take up to 7 days to kill them – the Queen Ant has to be fed the deadly elixer which then makes the swarm of drones scatter or die. My apologies to any ant lovers out there…

Even with all of the ant drama crawling about, the SO and I were very industrious and productive today; organizing mountains of my school paperwork and dissertation(s) research materials, as well as collecting even more articles, etc. for my current lit review.

We even took time out to cook a burger, sans the featured fries and iced tea. De-Lish!

Sorry to blend an entry of ants + burger…

Here’s hoping that yours truly sleeps better tonight while the ant bait stakes do their jobs.