A Kitchen Goddess that is. My culinary efforts were blessed and the pork fried rice dish I turned out last night was full of dancing tantalizing flavors and oh so eye appealing!

The SO returned with almost all of the requested ingredients, sans the ham and bean sprouts. I added hot chili oil and the freshly grated ginger and fresh cilantro that I garnished the rice with conspired to showcase the flavors of the individual ingredients. I beat the eggs lightly and instead of scrambling them, I cooked them like a flat pancake, cooled, and sliced them into strips and added them to the rice mixture.

Oh it was soooo yummy. Both my SO and I agreed that my recipe (I concocted it after consulting 3-4 other recipes) deserves to be added to our short list of fave homecooked meals.

I wish all of my loved ones, family and friends, could have sat at our long wooden table and shared in our bounty.