My SO is out running errands, including going to his fave grosh (pronounced with long “o” sound, aka grocery) haunts. The good old days of my being able to make out my grosh list and pass it onto someone who loves to go to the Bowl have returned. The Bowl is aka Berkeley Bowl, a local food market here, which has the most varieties of veggies/fruits either of us have seen. The SO loves the place and I love what comes out of it but hate going inside. I find the shoppers to consistently embody the attitude of entitlement and the cashiers to be consistently surly. Meanwhile, my SO gets to have his Bowl fix and I get to receive the ingredients to cook up some pork fried rice along with a fresh salad of greens for dinner.

One of the prices I pay (cuz you know there’s always a price) for not having to go grosh shopping is never really knowing what items will actually come home with the SO. Nothing much makes him sing more with joy than a package of red meat with not only an orange sale sticker but a green one, which usually matches the icky slick covering the meat.

If I am the recipient of my grosh list, the fried rice dish will include brown rice (which is already chilling in the freezer), diced carrots, frozen peas, diced red onion, diced garlic, chopped green onions, chopped bok choy, grated fresh ginger, strips of boneless pork, diced ham, scrambled eggs, fresh cilantro, seasoned with Tamari soy sauce, and topped with fresh bean sprouts. Yummy!

I have spent a good chunk of my day diligently researching and collecting more articles for my lit review. I am definitely back in full swing with the dissertation process and as a result, my confidence in growing that I can really accomplish my goal.