to toot my own horn? Okay, so I’m not a blond, blue-eyed, buxom goddess, but you get the idea, right?

Today was my formal evaluation from both of my supervisors at my internship site. I sort of felt like this going into the meeting. Okay once again, I’m not white nor am I a man, but you get the idea, right?

Well according to my two evaluators, they gave

me the highest evaluation they’ve ever given any intern, pre- or post-doc! The process spanned an hour and I thanked them both for their favorable evaluations. I told them how much their positive feedback and high regard for my growing clinical expertise means to me. The road to earning this degree has been a hard one and I have a ways yet to hike so I really am letting in the good parts along the way. And today’s evaluation most certainly feels like a great part!

And then I got to come home to an Attic that wasn’t empty as my SO arrived this afternoon. So I had good news to share with him and that felt doubly good.