Reading and Research


Research and Reading

So focused was I, that it wasn’t until 3:28 this afternoon, that I realized (after my hand wouldn’t stop shaking) that I hadn’t eaten anything all day. Now, that’s dedication. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it (as my SO would say).

This dissertation (aka plain “disser”) is quite a chunk to chew on but as I discovered today, one’s body gleans no caloric nor nutritional value from its digestion nor its regurgitation.

The sunset is so lovely as viewed from my west facing

skylight all orangy and pink w/bluish sky still visible.

And with that lingering glance from inside my Attic world to the majestic sky, I retain more life and knowledge than I have all day while poring over typewritten academic words. Oh, but education seems often to be more about the hoops and successfully jumping through said hoops, than any real learning.

Did that sound bitter? Better not be as I have a number of hoops yet in front of me so a jumpin’ I must go…