at 1 in the A.M. That’s what yours truly was doing, solo, just a few short hours ago. The cause, the trigger, the catalyst of the aforementioned overgrown chortles?

Little Miss Sunshine, courtesy of Netflix.

The first scene of this family push starting their VW van to get it going in third gear, HI-Larious! I have lived long enough to have had to do just such a thing with a VW van, and several other cars for that matter. It’s one of those events that when it’s happening, even in the face of the embarrassment of it all or the inconvenience, that you just know you’ll get a few big guffaws out of later. That is if you haven’t herniated yourself so badly in the process that you pitch face forward – dead; alongside some roadway that just always has to be very busy with people – a lot of gawking people.

And then the scene where the sliding door falls off onto the pavement! Again – had this very same thing happen to me – the VW van I was driving was light blue, the powder blue that the Volkswagon manufacturer couldn’t get enough of back in the… a long time ago.

There were many other laugh inducing scenes and dialogue and it was well worth burning the past midnight candle – totally entertaining.

So, if you haven’t seen this DVD, and you haven’t laughed really hard in a while, I’d highly recommend renting it. And if you don’t find it as amusing as I did, no need to call me to complain .

Any recommendations for movies that made you laugh – not just in your head, but induced you to make loud laughing sounds and had you slapping your knee?