Today contained more of the same BS from my school of higher education that I have come to expect, but not accept. This institution is chock-full of more mindless and nonsense policy than… I don’t know what really. Suffice it to say that I am up against yet one more road block on my to earning this F’ing degree.

Doesn’t it make sense that if an internship site is so pleased with an intern’s work that they extend an offer for said intern to continue for the following year, that this said intern’s school would be pleased and allow such continuance? A reasonable mind would say “yes.” And, you must know by now that this school of higher education has smushed this invitation and quoted “policy” as the reason for the smushing. And you, hopefully, know that this said intern is yours truly.

If I were a drinking woman, I would be drinking. Oh yes, I am a drinking woman – so why aren’t I drinking? Because it simply would not help the situation. And because I need to figure out if there is a way around or under or over this policy.

Wish me luck, ‘k?

I am including this photo simply because it makes me smile. This, is what I aspire to. How can anyone view this photo and not catch a whiff, a splash, or at least a tad bit of Total enthusiasm for the moment?

I need to find me a grassy meadow with a skinny dirt trail and break into a full on run, letting my tongue hang out and my ears blow back in the breeze.