and did you look like this reveler?

I had my peepers open until a little after 2:30 AM. I had a little Boston Legal marathon and watched Disc 1 and one-half of Disc 2/Season 1, thanks to my sister’s Christmas pressie.

Plus, there were street party-iers carrying on outside – first, they were just drunk and having fun and then as the evening progressed they, of course, started setting off firecrackers (I’m afraid to go out and check up on Harvey). And then you know no NYE would be complete without a big old fight between a couple – in this case a man and a woman. There were lots and lots of him mumbling and trying to use his reasoning voice (at the onset at least) and her crying (at the onset at least) screaming obscenities (the usual ones) and then of them both screaming obscenities (sounded like the usual ones) and then of them both crying and then of their friends (?) or perhaps just neighbors sick of listening to them go off on each other, encouraging them both to go sleep it off. Happy New Year!!!