but sometimes it does.

At the risk of being considered a perpetual whiner about the same topic, I want to say out loud (again), or at least on this blog, that choosing to be alone is quite different than being alone, far far from family and friends.

Particularly after spending almost two weeks living with my daughter and her family. For that period of time, I was in the midst of a big family which included three young children. Lots of conversation, noise, stress, and love.

And here, at my recently cleaned Berkeley Attic, there is tranquility and a good vibe. There is even a vase of flowers graciously sharing their divine scents of euculyptus and the sweet scent of freesias. But, there are not the voices of my grandchildren nor my daughter, or a loving look from my partner to be found anywhere near by.

Good thing there is a “new year” to plan for and look toward.