can you smell the tantilizing quiche that I will be taking out of the oven in just a couple of minutes?  Made with farm fresh eggs (or at least that’s what the carton proclaims), 2% milk (from Happy California Cows), dark green broccoli, purple onion, humongo sliced just right white mushrooms, sharp cheddar cheese (yeah, the kind with the yellow dye which gives it that deep orangy cheddar look), fresh (from the Saturday Market) garlic milk curd, black olives, and pinches of basil and oregano, kosher salt, and fresh cracked pepper.  Oh and don’t forget the ton of love that I magically sprinkled over it or the frozen deep dish pie crust. 

Want a couple of slices of the thick hickory smoked crispy bacon Image I sizzled up in my frying pan? 

I wish all of my loved ones were here to sit and break quiche with.  But since you’re not, we’ll do our best to choke it down anyway Image