So this morning I am doing the packing the old suitcases routine commonly known as trying to cram the most amount of stuff into a suitcase that I can without 1) going over 50 pounds or 2) bending up or damaging any of the pressies that comprise the “stuff” that’s being crammed into the aforementioned suitcases.  Arrggggh!

And while I’m at, I am hoping and praying that these suitcases don’t end up looking like this:

                                  Image  or like this Image

But lest I forget the spirit of this wonderful glittery holiday, it is very worth saying (or writing as the case may be), that I totally loved shopping for and discovering the little doodads which will soon be wrapped in bright and shiny paper (apologies to the environment on that one). 

In less than a week! I’ll be home with my family!!!!